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How do I know if F# Refactor installed in VS2010

Jan 2, 2011 at 3:31 PM


Wanted to try this super-critical project. Without basic refactoring F#, it will not survive in the long run. I have been programming O'Caml since 2000, however productivity-wise C#+VS+ReSharper is very hard to beat, especially now when more and more functional elements are being added to C#.

So, I downloaded the source, compiled, and tried to test it. However, how do I know if the new VS2010 is running the F# Refactor Addin successfully? All I see that FSharpRefactorVSAddinIn is enabled under Extension Manager.

I see nothing when opening a fsharp-project, no right-menus, nothing....

What I am supposed to do?

Jan 3, 2011 at 1:47 PM


The project is just at the beginnings. There's a lot of work todo.

The only visible thing at the moment is the usages of an identifier.

If you type something like: "let f x y = x + y" and put your cursor on the "x" you'll see that the two x's that refer to the same identifier are highlighted in green. (That is the AddIn working)

This now works for quite a few language constructs, but not all. I'm going through each part of the language (adding unit tests as I go along).

I hope to get all constructs used in the Tutorial sample done soon.

When the highlighting of usages is done, the natural next step is the Rename Refactoring which should be quite easy at that point. And after that extract definition.

It is quite a lot of work and is not my day job so any help is appreciated.